Welcome to petswithallergies.com. We are committed to providing the best quality products and pricing for your family pets with allergies.

Petwithallergies believes dust mite beds, hypoallergenic dog beds, natural chews and other natural products are the only way to start to provide for a healthy and happy pet. Each product we offer has been selected and tested on our own pets that have many allergies. We would not sell anything that we would not purchase for our own family of animals.

We are proud to offer the following products:

  • Dog Gone Smart Beds and Rugs, green, leave no paw print, biodegradable, dust mite proof dog beds. Also nanotechnology beds and rugs which stay clean naturally and reduce the spread of bacteria.
  • West Paw Beds and Toys (made in Montana) 100% IntelliLoft* fill, design your perfect bumper bed and Zogoflex durable chew toys, guaranteed against dog damage!
  • Prairie Dog Antlers  The highest quality, naturally shed deer and elk antlers.
  • Snooks’s Natural Pet Products and Natural Dog Chews, Herbal supplements, shampoo, and chemical free sweet potato dog chews.
  • Herbsmith Natural Pet Supplements  These Chinese herbs for dogs are based on Chinese theories of health and wellness, modified and perfected through two decades of veterinary clinical practice.
  • Bowserwear Medical Solutions for Pets Boots and leg wraps that easily protect leg wounds, and enables safe healing environment.
  • Vet Aide Wound Care Products   These are water based products for both wet and dry skin conditions, and wounds.

We are constantly adding new and unique products to our site. So, visit us frequently to see what is new as we grow!